XITONIA is a comprehensive system for using the body’s internal reserves to achieve longevity, preserve youth and improve health..

It consists of the X-FITNESS fitness system, a set of progressive psychological practices X-MIND and a combined health promotion program X-BODY.

The system is based on the philosophy of Transformative Magic.

    Our fitness system X-FITNESS is designed for people over 50. It takes into account the age-related changes and focuses on activating the internal processes in the body.

    The exercises include strength training, stretching, joints strengthening, balance and cardio training. Our system is based on combining shamanic practices with essential elements of fitness training.

    The fitness training is integrated with psychological techniques helping activate our inner power, reduce stress, and re-program our mind.

    Our fitness system is easy to learn. We offer an original approach that makes the workout most effective.

    The main goal of our anti-aging program XITONIA is reprogramming the mind and activating the internal reserves of the body in order to slow down our biological clock.

    We have developed psychological techniques and practices that can effectively increase the resistance to stress and help quickly relieve mental tension.

    The core of these practices is a cognitive balancing technique. It promotes the development of an optimal behavioral model for a quick and easy adaptation to the changes that are happening in our life.

    The methods that we've developed, help reprogram our subconscious mind through performing rituals and participating in games based on ancient practices.

    The key elements of fighting the aging are strengthening the immune system and maintaining an optimal biochemical balance in our body.

    With our system X-BODY we promote conservative methods of improving our health. Our approach is focused on stimulating our body to keep the normal functioning of all organs. There are two parts in our system:

    X-BIO covers an individual selection of healthy diets, and is focused on helping our body keep an optimal biochemical balance.

    X-IMMUNITY focuses on strengthening the immune system, using naturopathy and holistic remedies.