We proceed from the fact that the longevity and the ability of the body to remain healthy largely depends on the state of our mind and on the programs and settings implemented in our consciousness. Therefore, the key issue in fighting the aging lies, first of all, in reprogramming our mind.

Our anti-aging system XITONIA is based on three core elements: 1 - maintaining the body in a healthy state, 2 - reprogramming our mind, and 3 - using the energy of sex for activating the hidden powers of our body.

For that we have developed a set of progressive psychological techniques and practices, created a unique fitness system X-FITNESS, and prepared a program for maintaining and improving our health based on the use of time-tested holistic remedies.

The main objective of our anti-aging system XITONIA is improving health and achieving longevity through resetting the mind, boosting the immune system, and reducing the biological age of our body.


Maintaining the body in a healthy state and in a good physical shape is the key to fighting the aging. To achieve that Xitonia offers an integrated system that consists of several parts.

X-FITNESS is a unique system of physical training, designed for people over 50. It also comprise certain techniques for stress reduction and for mental relief.

X-BIO is focused on helping our body keep an optimal biochemical balance, including an individual selection of healthy diets, the practice of restorative procedures and cleansing aimed at improving our health.

X-IMMUNITY is focused on improving body resistance against diseases by boosting the immune system, using naturopathy and holistic remedies based on traditional medicine.


As any complex system a human body needs to be managed and coordinated. Our brain performs the role of such a command center. There are programs implemented in a human brain that are guiding us through entire life - from birth, through growing up, then aging, right up to our death. Any malfunctions of these programs can lead to a misbalance in our body, causing chronic diseases and premature aging.

We have developed effective psychological techniques and practices for re-setting our mind on resisting the aging and diseases.

STRESS MANAGEMENT is a set of techniques designed for increasing the mental resistance to stress.

COGNITIVE BALANCING promotes a quick and optimal adaptation to the changes that are happening in our life, through development of a new, more efficient, behavioral model, and through revision of our worldview philosophy.

TRANSFORMATIVE MAGIC is a set of intensive psychological techniques for reprogramming our mind through performing rituals, and setting ourselves to live longer and have a healthier body.


Reproduction is one of the main functions of all living creatures, including humans. It is the purpose of our existence. As a result, our biological clocks are synchronized with our abilities for reproduction. As soon as we lose our fertility, our brain starts speeding up the aging process.

However, by staying sexually active in older age, and by stimulating our sexuality, we can trick our organism into "thinking" that we are still fertile. This will force it to keep producing hormones and body fluids on the same level as it used to do in our younger age, thereby slowing down our biological clocks.

Having an active sex life also has a healing and relaxing effect on the body, and it helps prevent diseases.

Finally, during sex, a person enters a state that can be effectively used for accessing the internal reserves of the body. We have developed psychological techniques for utilizing the power of sex and orgasm for reprogramming our mind in order to slow down the aging.
The anti-aging system XITONIA is developed by Helen Riabinin ("Lona") and Vladimir Riabinin ("Val")

We would like to clearly state that in no way we claim that our XITONIA is in line with any official scientific approaches and theories. In fact, it is a result of our accumulative life-time experience and practical knowledge, which in itself can be considered a study that we've conducted on our own.

We position our system XITONIA as an alternative form of promotion wellness to such options like yoga, tai chi and other similar practices. We strongly emphasize that our system IS NOT a substitute for modern medicine and scientific ways of healing the body and fighting the aging. Rather than that, XITONIA is an addition to them, which helps expand available options for staying in good health and live longer.