The importance of sex in preventing aging

The role of sex in the process of body development and aging

When it comes to longevity, rejuvenation and health, sexual activities are as important as regular exercises, healthy diet and stress relief. Moreover, because sex is a fundamental function of the body, its impact on the aging process is clearly underestimated.

Undoubtedly, the influence of sexual energy on the human body is significant. Sex is important from many angels: physiologically, psychologically, as well as for the tuning of our internal biological clock. And that's not all. There are indications that sexual energy is vital for establishing psychogenic communication channels within the anthroposphere, even though this area has not been studied yet.

Taboo topic

Due to commonly negative attitude towards sex in the three main world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), this topic has remained taboo for many centuries and its discussion was not encouraged. And even after the sexual revolution that happened almost half a century ago this topic is still uncomfortable.

Of course, in terms of sex as a satisfaction of physiological needs, we've observed significant liberalization. At the same time there are many other aspects of sexuality that continue to remain outside the brackets. For example, the topic of sexual activity of older people is still not popular, which only confirms that sex is still not associated with the issues of longevity and rejuvenation, but it should. In fact, when we are aging, regular sexual activities become even more important for keeping our body physically active and healthy.

It is this taboo attitude and commonly poor understanding of this issue has convinced us to pay special attention to the topic of sexual energy. It doesn't mean that we are downsizing the importance of fitness, good diet and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They do play a significant role, but they have already been researched inside and out, so there is nothing new we can add here. On the other hand, when it comes to the topic of sexuality especially in older age, there are still much to study and discover.

How sex affects our internal biological clock

The main reason why we've decided to pay special attention to the topic of sex is its exceptional role in a human life and the opportunities it opens up in terms of accessing the internal reserves of our body. Ultimately, it is the continuation of active sexual life that makes it possible to slow down the internal biological clock, thus delaying the aging process and stimulating rejuvenation.

It's a common knowledge that our whole life revolves around sex. The whole meaning of human existence (in biological terms) is reproduction. And in relation to that our life consists of three stages:

The first stage is preparation; it begins at birth and lasts until puberty.

The second stage can be called childbearing, when the body is tuned for sexual activity and procreation. This is when humans are in the prime of their lives. At this stage our embedded biological program works in full force.

The third stage is attenuation, when the childbearing ability comes to naught and we become useless to the Nature. In her "eyes" we lose our value and turn into a waste. Therefore, our biological program launches the aging process. The body's engine that supported its healthy state becomes weaker, and we are switching into the dying mode.

Of course, healthy lifestyle and modern medicine can help extending the third stage for quite a long time. However, this is not enough.

As we can see, the start of the aging mechanism is directly connected to the fading of the reproductive functions. However, we must bear in mind that this process is managed by a program that is embedded in us at the subconscious level. And that, like any other program, it can be reconfigured.

At least from what we've observed and researched as well as from our general understanding of the biological processes in the human body, we dare say that by continuing an active sexual life you can deceive the brain, tricking him into "thinking" that you are still suitable for childbearing, you are still useful to the Nature, and it is not the time to write you off yet.

As long as you feel young, as long as you act like a young person, your body will try to hold back the aging process. And the key factor here is an active sexual life.

Hidden reserves in our body and how they are connected to the energy of sex

There are areas that have not been comprehended by science yet. For example, it is still a mystery how does the brain work, what is a sleep, memory, and consciousness? We also know almost nothing about the biosphere and noosphere. Science has not made a big progress here, but the existence of these terrestrial spheres is already recognized by many and is quite real. We also do not know anything about the information field of the Earth, which existence is confirmed by many facts and is a subject of studies as well. And the list goes on.

Why are we interested in these studies? Because they can give us the practical knowledge on how to increase the life expectancy through the use of hidden reserves of our brain.

And it looks like sex in these unexplored areas plays an important role. If you look closely at the esoteric practices of ancient people, it seems that they came to the same conclusion by experience. At least, their widespread use of sex in ancient rituals and magic practices worth been paid more attention.


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that we are not declaring anything definite. At this point we are just searching for possible solutions and the ways of their practical application. There is no guarantee that we will succeed. However, at least we are trying to gain knowledge, including empirically.

We also don't want anyone to get a false impression that sex can be a panacea against the aging and can become a cure for all diseases. We just believe that the use of sexual energy could become that extra factor contributing to an additional positive impact on the body.