Human body as a complex biochemical system

Our goals and approaches

When we search for the ways of prolonging our life and slowing down the aging, we should be looking for solutions inside our body and our consciousness. Since a human body can be viewed as a system that is managed by a set of programs, we should be able to control this system and the process of its aging.

Usually the solutions that are offered for the longevity and health include regular exercising, healthy diet, and stress relieve. We can also add here a quality medical care. These are the basics for having a long and healthy live. However, we think that this is not enough. There are other ways of slowing down the aging process that should be added to this list.

What do we know about ourselves?

Despite the achievements of the modern science, our knowledge of the world and everything surrounding us is still very limited. It is going to take a lot more new discoveries before we begin to understand what is going on in those territories still unexplored by scientists.

The same applies to our knowledge about the human body. We have a very superficial idea of how it works, how it develops and what laws control its development. There is still a mystery behind such things like consciousness, memory, and sleep, what the aging process is, and so on.

But at least one thing is certain, that the answers must be sought in us, and mostly in how our brain works. Therefore, our approach to the problems of aging is to study the hidden reserves of the body, primarily the brain at the subconscious level, and how to use them to our advantage.

We would like to emphasize that we are not offering an alternative to healthy lifestyle and especially to traditional medicine. We are just talking about a deeper approach and about expanding the possibilities.

What is the human body

From the moment of birth until the moment we die our body is composed of the same set of self-reproducing cells. All age-related changes in our body are caused by changes in the combination of these cells and changes in the way they interact with each other. We do not know how these combinations of cells are building up, and how this process is governed and managed. However, we can be certain that everything is set somewhere inside us.

Therefore, we should see the human body as a complex multi-level system, which is functioning and developing in accordance with a set of specified programs. These programs are also responsible for the aging and for maintaining the body in a healthy state; and they are, relatively speaking, in our head.

We do not intend to study the human body at the cellular level. For us it is enough to consider the body as a system consisting of internal organs that interact with each other under the control of the brain on a subconscious level.

From that perspective, a physical and spiritual state of a human body is largely determined by the balance of chemical processes that are constantly happening in it. In fact, each organ is a chemical factory that produces biochemical substances, which then are passed on to other organs.

And such substances should be produced in particular amounts and at a certain time in order to support a healthy functioning of the body. In other words, these processes must be coordinated. Our brain is responsible for such coordination as it contains a set of control programs that are embedded in us from birth on a subconscious level.

Aside from the viral and bacterial infections, any disease is the result of a disrupted chemical balance, which can happen because of a failure in the control program.

In fact, any medical treatment usually involves taking drugs that stimulate or block the production of certain enzymes in the body to restore the desired chemical balance. However, there are other remedies that can lead to the same result. At an early stage of the disease the task of maintaining a required chemical balance can be achieved not only by taking drugs, but also by stress relief, diet and changes in lifestyle, which ultimately can restore the normal operation of the control program.

So the key to maintaining a healthy body is a sustainable functioning of the control program that operates on subconscious level and that coordinates the work of all organs as a united system.

Managing our subconscious control program

Our approach is based on the notion that if you get the power of influencing your control program through certain psychological practices, you can delay the aging process and continue been physically active much longer than it is set by the mother-nature.

There is an ancient saying "Cura te ipsum" - "Heal yourself", which can be interpreted as a reference to the body's ability of self-healing and self-regulation. By analogy, we can say "Achieve longevity yourself".

For that we try to focus the body's internal reserves, especially on the subconscious level, which can help achieving our goals. In fact, we are talking about an attempt to mislead our control program, re-setting it on the algorithms for a younger age. How can this be achieved?

First, by working on your life attitude. There is a Golden rule that you should feel and behave as if you were 20-30 years younger than you actually are. This way you program your subconscious mind for the mode of a younger age.

Secondly, by using sex. The impact of sex on our physical and psychological wellness is usually not emphasized, and most commonly is silenced. Whereas being sexually active helps maintaining a good health and achieving longevity even more, than a healthy lifestyle. In terms of using the internal reserves of the body, an active sex life plays a major role here, just because of the fact that reproduction is set by the nature as the main motive to exist for every living being.

Third, by cultivating an ability to listen to your body and respond to its requests in time. Our body usually sends us signals of an emerging problem in advance. And if we learn to hear these signals, we can promptly react and take preventive measures. Such emerging problems include wear and tear as well, which is one of the main causes of early aging and death.

Fourth, by immersing with nature, which we all are a part of. We need to learn how to tune our consciousness in order to feel the surroundings and adapt to changes in them. Since a human being is highly dependent on the external factors, the ability to adapt quickly reduces the stress on the body.

Finally, by simplifying our life and creating a comfortable living environment. This helps reduce unnecessary worries and associated with them additional stress.

All these rules are very similar to the basic principles of maintaining a complex system in a stable state. This is understandable, given that our body is the same system as everything else in nature, and all systems are subject to the same basic laws.


We propose a more radical approach to the problem of longevity and staying healthy. In addition to following the basic guidelines of a healthy lifestyle and using the achievements of modern medicine, we also offer focusing on activation of the body's internal reserves. This can be achieved through creating a positive life attitude, immersing with nature, using sexual energy, listening to your body, quickly adapting to changes, and simplifying your life.

We are well aware that our approach does not guarantee longevity, and our views may be wrong. However, we consider such a different approach as a chance that should not be missed. After all, following the principles of our philosophy can make your life more interesting and pleasant, and there is no harm in trying. In fact, the principle of "no harm" lies at the heart of all our initiatives.