Our approach to longevity and health

Human body as a self-regulating system

A human body is a complex biochemical system with self-regulating abilities. This system is coordinated and controlled by our mind. Therefore, we believe that we should rely on our subconscious in activating the reserves in our body, in order to help it cope with various problems on its own.

Based on such approach, our system XITONIA is built, first of all, on stimulating the active work of our organism, strengthening its resistance, and re-setting its internal programs in order to boost the activities of our body.

How XITONIA differs from other wellness systems:
  • applying a comprehensive approach to strengthening the immune system and achieving longevity;
  • focusing on our subconscious mind for activating the internal reserves of the body;
  • using the power of sexuality for resetting our biological clock;
  • cultivating the ability to listen to your body and follow its instructions.
The main components of XITONIA system:
  • a set of certain movements and exercises based on our research of shamanic practices and rituals of ancient people;
  • a specific approach to food selection and eating habits aimed at supporting the healthy functioning of our body, stimulating our immune system, and forming a healthy gut microbiome;
  • psychological practices for utilizing the internal reserves of our body and strengthening our mind;
  • a philosophy and views that help effectively solve the problems we face in our life and achieve success in our endeavours.
The basic views and approaches of XITONIA system

  • Our body is a complex biochemical system that should be able to regulate itself. The cause of most diseases of the body, especially chronic, in addition to genetic predisposition is an imbalance in organs functioning. Therefore, our main task is enabling our body to maintain an optimal biochemical balance.

  • Our immune system is designed to recognize and fight pathogens, that is why strengthening the immune system is our first priority. In this case we could rely more on our immune system, letting it to do the work of fighting the non-life threatening viruses.

  • Since the work of all the organs in our body is controlled by our brain, our mindset and the state of our psychological health are of great importance.

  • The aging of our body is programmed in our DNA. This process is controlled by our brain, which is guided by our internal biological clock. Therefore, we can potentially trick our brain into slowing down the aging process by resetting our biological clock to a younger age. This can be achieved through certain psychological practices and active physical exercises, as well as by staying sexually active no matter the age.

  • The aging can be essentially considered as a disease that causes a slow down and disruption of the cell division in our body. Therefore, by stimulating the process of cell division we could prolong the young state of our body. One of the ways of such stimulation could be the use of herbs and other natural healing products.

  • Each human being is constantly surrounded by all kinds of invisible fields and waves that can significantly affect our physical and mental state. In order to deal with this it is important to have an ability to reset your brain and adapt to ever changing environment for keeping the psychological balance.

  • A man is a part of natural life on Earth. Therefore, in essence, he can be viewed as any other living being. Accordingly, the man's behavior and motivation are defined by the same basic instincts as those of other representatives of the animal world. Understanding that is very important for the development of a system of psychological practices.

  • There are hidden reserves in our body that are usually not employed in our ordinary life. However, these reserves can be accessed and activated through psychological practices. This can open up the new possibilities for healing the chronic diseases and prolonging our life.

  • In ancient times, people knew about the hidden capabilities of our body, but that knowledge has largely been lost. Nevertheless, even the mere mentions of such capabilities, that survived to our days, give us an understanding of the direction in which to move in order to regain this knowledge, and how to apply it in practice.
Our fundamental views on maintaining good health

    1. The fight with diseases should be focused on prevention, not the treatment.

    This can be achieved by strengthening the immune system and maintaining the required biochemical balance in the body. In practical terms, this can be done by implementing the following simple habits into our life:
    • applying various positive stresses to our body on a regular basis, such as increasing physical activity, exposing it to cold, and getting ourselves out of comfort zone.
    • selecting certain nutrition for your every-day meal to maintain the biochemical balance in our body. The cause of most diseases lies in the upsetting such a balance. Once the damage is done, the restoration of the healthy balance can take a long time, and a lot of efforts and consistency. And even though this seems like a conservative method without quick result, we believe that this is one of the most important things for strengthening immunity.
    • practicing the psychological techniques that help reduce stress, reset our mind, and restore the normal functioning of the body.
    • keeping an active sex life and enhancing our sexual experience and pleasure up to an orgasmic level. Basically, we suggest to exploit your sexual energy as a physical and psychological stimulant.
    2. The use of medications should be minimized.

    We should let our body fight diseases on its own, without medical intervention, wherever possible.

    Obviously with serious diseases an active medical treatment or surgery is unavoidable, and in no case we suggest to refuse professional medical help when it's required. However, in case of non-critical diseases, such as colds or flu, if your body is otherwise healthy, and you have a strong immune system, we believe that it can heal itself without medications.

    Such approach allows you train your immune system without exposing your body to damaging side effects of drugs. It is a well-known fact that each drug, while performing its main task, indirectly disrupts the biochemical balance in the body, weakening our immunity and provoking other diseases.

    There is another negative aspect of frequent use of medications. Our body becomes dependent on them, and cannot function properly without them. As a result, when the disease reoccurs, the usual doses do not work anymore, and you have to increase the intake of medications or replace them with stronger drugs.

    3. It is important to have a healthy state of mind and the ability to withstand stress.

    We should remember and all processes in our body are controlled by our mind. Therefore, you need to start taking care of your health with the adjustment of your consciousness . In this regard, here is what you need:
    • to develop a mentality that would allow you interact comfortably with the outside world, and help you deal with emerging problems in a calm manner.
    • to be able to apply various psychological practices for stress relief.
    • to learn certain rituals, including the elements of psychological practices, that would allow you setting yourself on a subconscious level up to achieving longevity and remaining young.
    We used the described above approaches as the foundation of our XITONIA system for using the internal reserves of our body in achieving longevity, and staying young and healthy.